Operationsleuchte SOL Performance 4er von Scanatron

Let there be light.

The first thing to mention is the outstanding light quality. Their asynchronous and high-frequency operation means the light they produce is absolutely flicker-free – perfect for fatigue-free surgery, mimicking natural sunlight.

The colour temperature can be smoothly adjusted, making contrasts between the different types of tissue much more clearly visible.

The light intensity is also continuously adjustable. Light efficiency is optimised with anti-reflective cover glass for even clearer light and an unobstructed view.

And last, but not least, the sterilisable universal handle allows a continuously focusable beam of light to be shone on the wound area. The result is a reassuringly uniform LED light field with a light quality that is very homogeneous but which brings out nuanced and sharp contours.

Award-winning film with Lena Häcki-Gross

Lightweight, easy to handle, manoeuvrable, airflow-optimised

The SOL Performance, Eco and Mini surgical lights set new standards, and not only in terms of light quality. Their compact and lightweight aluminium construction also inspires confidence.

All SOL surgical lights are extremely easy to handle. Their manoeuvrability in all directions is comparable to that of a ball-and-socket joint. This means that they can be twisted to any angle with just one hand – with shadows kept to an absolute minimum. The airflow-optimised, open design ensures the utmost sterility under cleanroom ceilings.

Also worth a mention: these operating theatre lights are totally splash- and dust-proof and are easy to clean and disinfect. Repairs can be carried out without any specialist tools, and status and error messages on the display allow simple remote diagnosis of any problems.


Cross-comparison models

Merkmale SOL Performance SOL Eco SOL Mini
Model SOL20 SEL21 SUL22
Beleuchtungsstärke in LUX 96000 Lux – 160000 Lux 128000 Lux – 160000 Lux 100000 Lux @80cm
Lichtprojektoren 3 – 5 3 – 4 3
Farbtemperatur CCT 33005500 Kelvin, stufenlos einstellbar 33005500 Kelvin, einstellbar in 5 Stufen 4000 Kelvin
Farbwiedergabeindex CRI Ra ≥ 96 / R985 / R13 ≥ 93 Ra ≥ 96 / R9 ≥ 85 Ra ≥ 96 / R9 ≥ 85
Helligkeit dimmbar Stufenlos Stufenlos Stufenlos
Endolight-Funktion ja ja nein
Leuchtfeld d50 1422 cm 1422 cm 11 cm @ 80cm
Leuchtfeld d10 2337 cm 2337 cm 20 cm @ 80cm
Fokussierbar ja ja nein
Gewicht 4.8 kg – 6.7 kg 4.8 kg – 5.8 kg 3.1 kg
Aussendurchmesser 38.5 cm 38.5 cm 29.5 cm
Kameraintegration optional (C‑Version) nein nein
Bedienung der Leuchte farbiges Smart-Touchpanel Taster Taster
Fernbedienung ja, optional ja, optional nein


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Flyer surgical lights: SOL series

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Fatigue-free work thanks to SOL

Anyone who has performed surgery in an operating theatre with a SOL surgical light will never again want to do without the following features:

The main advantages at a glance.

Flicker-free light

Thanks to asynchronous and high-frequency light generation

Sharp and homogeneous light quality

Continuously focusable light spot on the wound area

Continuously adjustable light intensity

Individually dimmable from 10 to 100 per cent

Continuously adjustable colour temperature

From 3,300 to 5,500 Kelvin, for a nuanced, high-contrast and precise view of the tissue

Minimal shadows

Thanks to compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable aluminium construction

Lightweight and easy to handle

The SOL surgical lights are the most compact surgical lights on the market

Operationsleuchte SOL Performance 4er von Scanatron