LED technology
LED modules
You can rely on them to brighten your day: LED modules, made in-house.

LED modules have to be one thing above all else: reliable! And they have to stay reliable even in the most difficult operating conditions, coping with moisture, extreme temperatures or corrosive influences.

Good to know: the development and manufacture of our LED modules takes place one hundred per cent in-house. This allows us to remain independent and fulfil your requests quickly and accurately.

Simple LED modules

Simple LED modules are suitable for use with external electricity supplies. First of all we get to know your needs. Then we work out what we need to do to fulfil them. And then we get started on developing and making your custom-made LED module, just for you. In any shape you like. As a strip, square or circle. Even special shapes in three dimensions are possible, such as cubes or spheres.

Whether white LEDs, monochromatic light colours, multicoloured LED modules or specialist light colours and wavelengths such as UV, lime, far red or IR: with our LED modules you can make things as colourful as you like. Ideal for technical, scientific and medical applications, growing crops and much more.

LED modules with electronics

Are you interested in an economical compact or complete solution? Then LED modules with an integrated power supply are just the thing for you.

In addition to the power supply itself, we can also integrate enhanced features such as single- and multichannel control inputs for brightness, light colours and lighting moods. Or analogue and serial ports. Or intelligent controls for autonomous processes and monitoring. And, of course, we can also add sensors for power, temperature, ambient light and light spectrum. Not to mention other features: surge protection, overheat protection, interference protection and EMC filters.

LED technology

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LED stars and starboards
Versatile solutions with star quality.

The standardised, six-cornered LED stars, or starboards, act as carriers for individual LEDs, and are used in lighting solutions and illuminations of all kinds in a variety of different ways. Many off-the-shelf secondary optics can be fitted to the starboards.

We can put together a suitable circuit board layout for you if no standard starboard is available for the LED you require. Rather than aluminium circuit boards, we can also make starboards out of other materials, such as epoxy or ceramic.

LED technology

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LED optics
It all comes down to optics.

Every application needs reflectors and the LED optics to suit. That also goes for the LED application that you have in mind.

We would be more than happy to work out the specific requirements of your project and source the right parts on the market. For complex applications, we will create freeform or specific TIR optics especially for you.

LED power supply units
Beautifully clever.

Compact solutions are good. Intelligent compact solutions are better. And that applies most particularly to LED power supply units.

When it comes to power supplies and controls for LEDs, you can depend on our extensive experience. If off-the-shelf products do not meet your needs, we can develop and make bespoke solutions in-house. While stringently satisfying all requirements with respect to operational safety and EMC standards, needless to say. We use customised LED converters and LED drivers to meet even unusual requests relating to professional lighting applications.

Our speciality is the integrated combination of LED power supplies and LED controls as intelligent compact solutions. Thus offering a wealth of functions even where space is at a premium.

Intelligent compact solutions from our company include:

  • Single- and multichannel LED controls for brightness, light colours and light scenes
  • Intelligent controls for autonomous processes and monitoring
  • Analogue and serial ports such as 0 – 10 V, DALI, RS232 and DMX
  • Wireless interfaces such as wireless LAN, Bluetooth and LoRa
  • Networks, Powerline Communication PLC
  • Sensors for power, temperature, ambient light, light spectrum, etc.

Complete LED illumination units:
We do everything – except cut corners.

Whether as an application in mirrored cabinets or other furniture, in shopfitting, object lighting, science, industry or architecture, you can look forward to LED illumination units and light systems that are a perfect fit for your needs. Naturally, they will be fully installed, checked and ready to use straight away.

We will be happy to advise you. 
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