We’ve cracked the code for smooth train travel.

The only manufacturer in the world

Our rotary encoder system is the only one of its kind in the world. It is made up of a strong, lightweight trigger wheel and a robust pulse generator cartridge with two read heads. Its high maximum rotational speed, impressive signal-to-noise ratio and short-circuit resistance make it a convincing choice with many positive features. With absolutely no wear and no chatter.

A finger on the pulse of all kinds of industries

Wiegand sensors are not just used in the rail industry. They are also needed in vehicle construction, machine engineering and volumetric flow meters, as well as for generating electrical energy for battery-free, self-powering electronics systems.

Sensitive right down to the wire

Wiegand sensors are essentially composed of coils, magnets and thin Wiegand wires, the latter being named after their inventor, John R. Wiegand. The special features of the Wiegand wire allow what is known as the Wiegand effect to occur: when the poles of a magnet are moved past a Wiegand wire, the sudden change in magnetic flux in the wire generates a voltage pulse in a nearby coil. The size and shape of this pulse is independent of the speed at which the outer magnetic field changes. Wiegand sensors allow movements to be measured very precisely, down to a virtual standstill.

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We’ve cracked the code for smooth train travel.