Product development

We understand our craft. 

We have learned technical machine engineering from the bottom up. From pencil sketch to feasibility studies to the fully developed concept. We crunch the numbers and make calculations, carefully and reliably. At the end of this process you get figures you can trust.

We are highly proficient in three-dimensional technical drawing with 3D CAD, and can come up with printed circuit board layouts just as easily. Although we love to push boundaries during product development, we never lose sight of what’s important – groundbreaking functionalities are always coupled with ease of use and attractive design.

Prototypes you can rely on.

We either build prototypes in our own workshop or make them in a rapid prototyping process using a high-resolution 3D printer. This process is not only quick and good value for money, but it also delivers top-quality prototypes that are accurate in every detail. Exactly the kind of quality that is needed for a prototype to be an absolutely reliable basis for decision-making – just what is needed for successful production.

We carry out checks even during development.

Thanks to our own in-house EMC laboratory and test field for various physical sizes, we can continually keep tabs on whether products conform to international norms – while they are still under development. This minimises expensive surprises when our creations are being tested in the certification lab.

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