Heavyweight talent in a lightweight body.

Anyone who works as a clockmaker or jeweller, or who spends their free time making models, knows that when carrying out delicate work, making precision mechanical components, and in precision assembly or electronics manufacturing, you have to be able to depend on your tools.

Small but perfectly formed

The AVP-200 vacuum handler is perfectly suited to delicate, precise and quick work. Lifting, placing and moving small items weighing 20 g and under becomes child’s play. Weighing only 26 g themselves, the vacuum tweezers couldn’t be more comfortable to work with.

Good to know: the vacuum tweezers work without compressed air. Thanks to a powerful vacuum pump that can be controlled via a foot pedal, items can easily be put down where they need to go without any unsteadiness. No more tiresome jerks’, as you sometimes get with finger-controlled versions.

Get straight down to work

The AVP-200 vacuum handler is supplied with accessories ready for immediate use, including a set of standard needles and a suction cup. It even comes with an international power supply unit with interchangeable plugs.

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