We produce satisfaction.

When it comes to the production of machines, equipment and tools for science and industry, we hold ourselves to the most exacting standards. This applies both to the quality of our products and to the functionality, reliability and timely delivery we offer. Our knowhow in the fields of electronics, mechanics and optics as well as our large stock of components and spare parts enables us to live up to these standards day after day.

We combine tried-and-tested approaches with modern technologies and manufacturing processes. We have at our disposal proven expertise in both analogue and digital
technologies. This makes us extremely versatile as to what we can produce and allows us to create tailored, customer-specific solutions for a variety of sectors and applications. All in-house. All from one place. All 100 per cent Swiss-made.

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Case studies

Always at your service.

In our production facilities we always have plenty to keep us busy – and not just with our own products. We are also more than happy to take on production of components and machines for other companies.

Here are a few examples of how a successful collaboration might look: Let’s assume that your company makes ground-level lighting for streets and traffic guidance systems. You develop the lights yourselves, but need LED modules to fit. That’s where we come in. We develop and manufacture the LED modules exactly in accordance with your requirements and deliver them to you as components, which you can then easily incorporate into your lights.

But perhaps your company also makes mirrored cabinets, with standard lights and control units that are commonly available. Then a new design is drafted that suddenly creates a problem: there is not enough space for the control unit, and the LEDs have to be fitted around a corner. The new design simply cannot be made with standard components. However, we find a solution for the unusual arrangement of the LEDs, develop a compact control unit that fits just right, and, while we’re at it, take on series production.

Your company might also develop and produce devices for scientific purposes. Business may be going well. Very well, in fact. After a little while you reach the limits of your capacity to fulfil all your orders, so you look for a partner who can make some of the subcomponents. You deliver the necessary materials to us, and we manufacture and check the components according to your instructions. Consistently and reliably – so you can rest assured that you can install the finished components into your devices without any further checking.